The Pirate's Secret Baby - Darlene Marshall

The Pirate's Secret Baby

By Darlene Marshall

  • Release Date: 2018-07-31
  • Genre: Histoire


CRW Award of Excellence; New England Readers' Choice Award:

Captain Robert St. Armand has a reputation as the deadliest (and best dressed) pirate in the Caribbean, but he's totally at sea when it comes to "Marauding Mattie", the daughter he never knew he had. How in the world can he deal with the littlest buccaneer, one who prefers knife-throwing to arithmetic lessons, and who'd rather be keelhauled than eat her beets? He needs help!

Lydia Burke is living a safe, respectable life, separated from England by an entire ocean. It's exactly what she needs and she's not going to risk her position as a governess to consort with pirates, especially one who is too pretty for his own good or her peace of mind.

No self-respecting governess would be willing to come aboard the notorious Prodigal Son, but Robert didn't fight his way to the top by letting small obstacles like scruples stop him. If he can't hire Lydia Burke, he'll steal her and take her to England with them, certain he can charm her into his bed along the way as an added bonus.

It will be a true voyage of discovery for the pirate and the governess, as one learns to navigate the rocky shoals of parenthood while the other tries to keep deadly secrets hidden, and both will find that while it's a child who initially brings them together, the growing passion between them offers the greatest temptation.

Praise for The Pirate's Secret Baby:

“I seriously doubt that any summer experience can possibly be more delightful than sitting on the beach while reading The Pirate’s Secret Baby.”—Smart Bitches, Trashy Books

“Pirates, a shipboard romance, a new father upended by his unexpected responsibilities and a woman who manages to keep her head and agency? Sign me up, Captain.”—Dear Author Reviews

“A Great Read--I would totally stow away on any ship Darlene writes about.”—Book Binge

“5 Stars!.. The Pirate’s Secret Baby is a well-researched historical romance spiced with humor. The story of Robert, Lydia, and Marauding Mattie weaves an invisible spell that tugs at your heart strings...I’ve read several of Marshall’s previous pirate tales, but this is the best written and most intriguing one...”—Pirates and Privateers Newsletter